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Lehrer Training - Connecting Leaders

Lehrer Ausbildungsprojekt

Seit 2010

Über 190 Lehrer und Schulleiter in 9 armen Schulen sind in Gauteng Provinz ausgewählt worden und werden in 2012 vier Seminare sowie Beihilfe erhalten.


Connecting Leaders is a comprehensive Teacher Training Program directed at public school educators with the goal to motivate and equip educators with the expertise and practical training essential to create successful classrooms.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Connecting Leaders is an initiative of Change the World Trust.

Connecting Leaders team and partners offer seminars and workshops on topics such as motivation, leadership, classroom control and discipline, behavioral management, communication skills as well as basic IT skills.

These essential qualities and skills are absolutely necessary for the development of South Africa.


“Many of the teachers who are in place lack leadership skills and are just happy to pick up their pay cheques.” Naledi Pandor, Education Minister

Excerpts from the Action Plan 2014 by the Department of Basic Education:

“Research has  shown…that many  learners  who  complete  Grade  6  are not able to write even  simple sentences, or to do basic arithmetic.”

In particular, learners from poorer areas of the country are more likely not to have learnt what they should have learnt.

Poor quality learning in school negatively affects individual learners and their families on the long-term. For example, it becomes much more difficult to enter an FET college or a university or get the job one wants without adequate scores.


The development of South Africa depends on the skills and education of her people.  A nation where everyone receives a solid basic education is more likely to be a nation which is at peace with itself and is free of poverty.”

After several years of working with underprivileged schools, we have found a lack of teacher training and motivation is one of the prime problems with the South African educational structure. To tackle these important issues at the root, ‘Connecting Leaders’ was born.


Each of us had a special teacher or educator who helped us become who we are today. As President Roosevelt stated:

‘We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.’

Educators who are skilled and motivated will be able to raise children to become the valuable resource South Africa’s communities desperately need.

Section 16 from the 2014 Action Plan states:

Ø (The need to) Improve the professionalism, teaching skills, subject knowledge, and computer literacy of teachers throughout their entire careers.

The Schooling 2025 document ( Department of Basic Education ) states the need for:

•   Teachers who … are continuously improving their capabilities and are confident in their profession. These teachers understand the importance of their profession for the development of the nation and do their utmost to give their learners a good educational start in life.

We believe that investing in teacher development is the most effective way of reaching the children.

The Minister of Basic Education also stated the importance of broad participation and strongly urged the involvement and inputs of organisations representing school governing bodies, organised business, faith organisations and education NGOs.


The overall objective of the Connecting Leaders is to advance South Africa’s social and economic development.

We do this through improving teacher practice in a way that contributes to a higher quality education system, a better informed citizenry and higher skilled workforce.

Our specific goals are:

1. To equip principals and educators with leadership expertise
2. To encourage, envision and motivate educators
3. To help educators to take on a more proactive and goal oriented approach in their work
4. To improve classroom control and discipline
5. To aid in behavior management
6. To provide quality basic IT Training to educators
7. To build networks between educators and schools
8. To improve educator’s access to resources




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